“In the beginning, God created…” and when I create, I feel His pleasure and reflect something of His image. God has created me to create: from the first little clubhouse that my mom helped me nail together with old discarded fence boards (which is still standing on my parent’s back patio!), to my personally-defirst playhousesigned and painstakingly-built desk in high school woodshop class, to my custom corner office space in my home now, I find great joy in designing and creating projects that will meet a particular need. Each new season of life that I enter, I see more and more ways in which the resourcefulness and creativity and eye for customization that God has given me can be used not only to build projects out of wood, but to build His Kingdom and make His name famous.

Because far more important than creating me to custom-design woodworking projects, God has created me and called me to make disciples. And not just to make disciples, but to make disciple-makers. I am designed for discipleship…custom designed by the Creator of the universe to coach and consult with and counsel others toward depth and maturity in their relationship with God, so that they in turn can disciple others to do the same. My prayer is that this blog could be a tool toward that end.

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