Of Parables and Picture Books

When Jesus used parables in His teaching, the stories were often aimed at listeners “on the side” who weren’t necessarily the direct audience. In the same way, we as adults are sometimes touched deeply through “children’s stories” even if they aren’t written directly to us. The Jesus Storybook Bible has had that effect on me–I used to read it to my children, but I would be the one getting teary-eyed from the beautiful depiction of the Gospel in those faImage 6miliar stories.

So the picture book that I published recently did not come about because I wanted to write a story for children, but because I wanted to help us as adults understand and connect with God’s mercy in a deeper way. It’s one thing to know the mercy of God conceptually–as a theological truth to be grasped with the mind–but a different thing entirely to embrace that mercy experientially–as a reality that touches the core of our being. My prayer is that this simple story, accentuated by Hailey Wada’s beautiful illustrations, would awaken our hearts anew to the wonder of God’s mercy.

If you attend Evergreen SGV, we’ll have copies available for purchase (at a discounted price) in the coming weeks. If you don’t attend my church, you can purchase copies of the picture book here or through amazon.com. So even if you don’t have children to read it to, get a copy for yourself and let your heart be moved by the depth of God’s mercy…for you.


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