Hope Unshaken

My hope for my country is not grounded in the political process or in the promises of particular candidates but in the sovereignty and graciousness of my God. But in this election year it is hard not to give way to cynicism and frustration when considering the candidates before us, and I was finding myself agreeing with this columnist whose conviction will not allow him to vote for either presidential candidate. I resonated with his sarcastic comment about Trump: “I waver between believing that his defeat would be the worst thing to happen to our country and believing that his victory would be.”

However I ran across another article, this one by Wayne Grudem, a man I greatly respect as a wise and Godly theologian, whose conclusion was very different…and quite compelling. His stated purpose is this:

I am writing this article because I doubt that many “I can’t vote for Trump” Christians have understood what an entirely different nation would result from Hillary Clinton as president, or have analyzed in detail how different a Trump presidency would be. In what follows, I will compare the results we could expect from a Clinton presidency with what we could expect from a Trump presidency.

He acknowledges many flaws in Trump’s character and policy, yet believes that “he will do more good for the nation than his opponent,” therefore he concludes that voting for Trump is not a morally evil choice but in fact is the “morally right thing to do.”

The overriding question that Grudem bases his analysis on is “Which vote is most likely to bring the best results for the nation?” May God grant each of us much wisdom in wrestling with that question and then voting accordingly, with our hope unshaken regardless of the outcome.


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