Does God Create Exceptions?

How is a thoughtful Christian to respond to the cultural issues surrounding gender identity versus biological sex? And how is a Christian to love a person who may be struggling with the very issues being debated?

I have great respect for Andrew Wilson, a pastor in the UK, whom I have never had the privilege of meeting but have learned much from through his preaching and writing. A month ago, Pastor Andrew preached a message to his church family about this issue of transgender. It is well worth a half-hour of your time to watch (or listen) to his teaching on this issue from Matthew 19:1-12. Especially if you have school-age children, this is not an issue that can just be ignored. Click here for the video (or audio), along with some written summary and thoughts. I especially appreciated the distinction Andrew makes between our response to those who are actually affected by these issues, and our response to the activists, educators, progressives, etc. who are using this transgender issue to carry out a larger social agenda.

So watch…and think…and long for that day when the dissonance that every Christian feels between who God says we are in Christ and how we feel about ourselves will finally be wiped away and all will be made right.


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