Tardy Tadpole Transformation

Transformation takes time. Gulielmus the tadpole (or Guli for short) has been swimming around a clear plastic container on our kitchen counter for a couple months now. His buddy Sylvester haImage 1d an untimely death, but Guli continues to eat and swim and grow slightly larger.

But what we really want to see is for Guli the tadpole to become Guli the frog. And that isn’t happening. According to one internet source, the tadpole stage should only last 6-9 weeks, and Guli is past that, so we are expecting to see some legs popping out anytime now, but it’s taking longer than we thought.

Transformation takes time. Daniel the Christian (or Dan for short) has been walking around on this earth for almost 45 years now. Other Christians come and go, but Dan continues to study and learn and grow slightly deeper.

But what we’d really love to see is for Dan the Christian to become Dan the transformed-to-be-like-Christ Christian. And that doesn’t always appear to be happening. According to one Biblical source, transformation into Christ’s likeness only happens “from one degree of glory to another.” So it’s slow. In fact, it takes not just 6-9 weeks, and not even 45 years, but a whole lifetime.

Transformation takes time. Whether it’s a tadpole becoming a frog or a child of God becoming mature in Christ. It takes time, but it’s worth it!



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