What Time Is It?

The other day I listened to a very insightful message about discipleship, from Trevin Wax at The Gospel Coalition National Conference. The question he was addressing is this:

What kind of discipleship is necessary to fortify the faith of believers so that we understand what “time” it is–that we rightly interpret our cultural moment–so that we can see through the false and damaging views of history and the future that are in our world, which are vying for our attention and acceptance?

Romans 13:11 tells us that we are to “know the time” we are in, not the chronological hour and minute on the clock, but the place we are at in the sweep of Biblical history. We need to understand who we are because of our past and our future in Christ. As Trevin says in his message: “What you think about where you’ve come from and where you’re going will have massive implications for the decisions you make in your daily life.”

So what are the false views that are inherent in our culture now, which have significant–but often unseen–impact on the way we do discipleship? According to Trevin, it’s the Enlightenment view of progress, combined with the drive for authenticity and self-expression of the Sexual Revolution,  and carried out in rampant consumerism.

I won’t steal his thunder but just encourage you to listen to the whole message here: Discipleship in the Age of Richard Dawkins, Lady Gaga and amazon.com


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