You Know You’re a Nerd when…

  • you get excited over the prospect of starting back to school
  • a fun date with your spouse consists of wandering through Barnes & Noble
  • every time you meet up with good friends, you talk about what books you’re each reading
  • you have as much fun discovering new libraries as “foodies” have in discovering new restaurants
  • you own more books than you have shelf space to contain them
  • curling up with a good book is your favorite leisure activity
  • you bring your backpack full of books to every vacation
  • you spend your sabbatical studying…and enjoy it
  • you know the general topics of each section in the Dewey decimal system
  • you have a stack of books (or maybe several stacks) on your desk, of which you have read the first chapter or two, but then they got set aside when the next amazon box arrived

In high school I hated being called a nerd, but now I wear that label as a badge of honor!


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