Beautiful Oregon

Whenever people ask me if I miss Oregon, this is what I’m picturing when I say IMG_0378Yes! I miss driving up the Historic Columbia River Highway through the gorge, with the green canopy of trees overhead and the sunlight filtering through. I miss hiking around all the waterfalls, feeling the breeze and the cool spray on my face as the mist from the falling water fills the air. I miss being able to inhale deeply the fresh clean air, and smell the scent of pine needles and water and damp earth.

If the amazingIMG_0374 beauty that is found onIMG_0380 this sin-broken, human-polluted earth is only a dim reflection of the new heavens and new earth that God will one day bring about, then I can hardly wait to stroll down the New Columbia River Highway with the One who brought all this into being and experience just a glimpse of His infinite glory and beautIMG_0394y! IMG_0388


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